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The Introduction of DOFIAC2019

The Sixth Digital Oil Field International Academic Conference will be held from 7th -8th November, 2019, in Xi'an, China which the starting point of the Silk Road.2019 is the 20th Anniversary of China's Digital Oilfield. The conference will review...

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DOFIAC2021 Call for Papers and Pr...
  Dear Industry Colleagues,2021 is the first year for Chinese to impl... 

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Meet Guests

Jacek M. Zurada
Jacek M. Zurada received his MS and PhD degrees (with distinction) in electrical engineering from the Technical University of Gdansk, Pol...

Robello Samuel
Dr.Robello Samuel is a Chief Technical Advisor and Halliburton Technology Fellow with more than 34 years of multi-disciplinary experience...

Dr.Jane Ren
Dr.Jane Ren is the CEO of Atomiton, and Internet of Things (IoT) company based in the Silicon Valley, USA. Jane had broad experience of r...

André Baken
André Baken has been the Change Management and Communications Thought Leader on the successful Intelligent Oilfield Projects from compani...

Jay Hollingsworth
Jay Hollingsworth is Chief Technology Officer for Energistics®. In this role, he is responsible for the technical adequacy of the standar...

Dr.Lei Huang
Lei Huang (PhD), Assistant Professor at Prairie View A&M University13years industry experienced, graduated from University of Houston, le...

    Capable of holding conferences and training attributed to the faculty and interpersonal provided by Chang’an University.
    Renowned for expertise and professionalism in the study of digital oilfield in China. Serving as the benchmark for the industry.
    Combined monographs with conference declarations as the major achievement, it attaches great significant to both technologies and theories.