Sponsor and Advertisement
Sponsor and Advertisement
Sponsor and advertisement

As the conference organizer, we establish the platform for industrial insider to exchange the research result with many difficulties during operation, we appreciated if any organization will offer us the assistance from funding, goods and materials, the sponsor program as follows:


 Exclusive Sponsorship

 Panel Session Sponsorship

 Venue sponsorship

 Sponsorship for student participation

 Sponsorship for scholars

 Sponsorship for keynote speech

 Sponsorship for Meetingx

 Sponsorship for keepsake as USB Key

 Sponsorship for award fund

 Sponsorship for coffee break

 Sponsorship for welcoming dinner


Each program, committee will making the matching advertisement throughout the events, returns as follows:

1. Moderator acknowledgments in conference site;

2. Advertisement in conference preview, guideline, website, brochure;

3. Invite the leader to attend as VIP;