Conference introduction
Peer reviewers
Peer reviewer


Dr Julian Guy Pickering

CEO, Geologix Systems Integration Ltd

Jiangang Jiao

Vice dean, Chang'an University


Dr.Tony Edwards

CEO, StepChange Global Consultancy

Zhan LIU

Professor, China University of Petroleum


Hongjie Duan

Deputy head at information center, SINOPEC Shengli oilfield

Zhiliang Gao

Superintendent, Professor, Digital Oilfield Institute, Chang’an University

Deputy head:

Guomin Fu

Deputy Chief, professor, Digital oilfield institute, Chang'an University


(list is not ranked)

Andrey Zolotavin

Sr. Real Time Systems Engineer, Kuwait Oil Cmpany

Marko Maucec

Petroleum Engineering Specialist, Saudi Aramaco

Andreas Theodorus Frederik Baken

Co-founder and CEO, DOFAS

Emad Elsebakhi

Senior data scientist, Baker huges at a GE oil and gas company

Zhengming Yang

Senior staff reservoir engineer, Aera Energy LLC

Ali Mohebbi

Professor, Shahid Bahonar University of Kerman

Harish Krishnamurthy

Expert In-Residence/Instructor, Data Science, Northeastern University, US

Geurt Deinum

Principal Reservoir Engineer , Shell China Ltd

David Cavanagh

General manager, Integrated Energy Ltd

Zhiying Zhi

Expert, Xinjiang Oilfield of CNPC

Xudong Sun

Senior engineer, expert, SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering

Zhizhong Liu

Principle head at Information center, Dagang Oilfield of CNPC


Deputy head at information center, Daqing oilfield of CNPC

Hongen Dou

Senior Petroleum Engineer, RIPED of PetroChina

Jinding Fan

Chief engineer, Shandong Wide Area Technology Co., Ltd.

Gang Jiang

Assistance professor, Chang'an University

Hongqi Li

Professor, China University of Petroleum (Beijing)


Professor, Northeast Petroleum University, China

Yujiang Shi

Chief-engineer at Research Institute, Expert, Changqing Oilfield of CNPC

Dr.Shaobo(Max) Sun

Assistance professor, Digital Oilfield Institute of Chang'an University

Daoyuan Lin

General management and chief designer, Beijing Aurora Energy Information Technology Co., Ltd.

Weigeng Cui

Chief data scientist, Digital Oilfield Institute of Chang'an University

Shouchang Zhang

Chief-engineer, Expert, Liaohe Oilfield Digital and Communication Company of CNPC

General seceretary

Yang SUN

Director, Digital Oilfield Institute of Chang'an University

Dr. Yongliang Bai

Research fellow, China University of Petroleum (East China)