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Scope of topics
Scope of topics

20th Anniversary for DOF in China

  • The Construction Road of Oil-field and Gas-field on digitalization and intelligentizing in 20 Years

  • Technology Research and Development of Oil-field and Gas-field on digitalization and intelligentizing in 20 Years

  • Achievements and Developments in 20 Years

Digital and Intelligent of Oil and Gas Exploration:

  • Geological Cloud Technology, Super-computing Technology, Industrial Interconnection Technology

  • Artificial Intelligence Technology in Seismic Imaging, Intelligent Interpretation of 3D Seismic Data, Seismic Interpretation Based on Machine Learning

  • 'Digital Basin' and Visual Simulation Technology for Hydrocarbon Accumulation (3D Visualization and Virtual Reality Technology), DNA Sequencing Technology for Reservoir Description, Professional Software and System for Reservoir Simulation, Intelligent Techniques and Methods of Oil and Gas Reservoirs

  • Intelligent Drilling Rate Prediction Technology and Application, Full Electric Robot Drilling System

Digital and Intelligent of Oil and Gas Development:

  • Fracture Identification using Artificial Intelligent and Big Data Technology

  • Fracturing Evaluation and Optimization using Big Data Technology

  • Water Injection Evaluation using Big Data Technology

  • Artificial Intelligent and Big Data Techniques applied to Oil and Gas Development

  • Physical Displacement Technology and Evaluation

Digital and Intelligent Production Operation and Management:

  • IOT (Internet of Things) Technology Upgrading and Transformation for Oil and Gas Production

  • Oil and Gas Field Intelligent Production Evaluation Based on Big Data

  • Internet and Smart Energy

  • Improve Oil and Gas Recovery using Digital and Intelligent Technology

  • Beidou Navigation Technology and Application

  • High Definition Satellite Data and Its Application

  • Individuation Management for Single Well

  • Operation Management Improvement of Intelligent Oil-field and Gas-field

Technology Research on Digital and Intelligent Oil-field and Gas-field Construction (Basic Theory and Principle Study):

  • Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence

  • Block Chain Technology and Application

  • Digital Twin and Knowledge chart Technology

  • Robot and Its Industrial Application

  • Cloud Computing Technology and Application

  • Mechanism Research on Cloud Data and Cloud Service

  • Intelligent Search and Voice Recognition Technology with Application

  • Principles and Theorems of Data in Oil and Gas Field

  • Application of High Performance and/or Parallel Computing Technology

  • Lora and LTE Private Network Technology

  • SCADA/DCS Application and Artificial Intelligence Intervention

  • SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) Technology Integration, Production Operation Management and Decision-making Support Service

  • Quantum Computing Technology applied in Oil and Gas Industry

  • Drones applied in Intelligent Oil-field and Gas-Field

  • Function and Practice of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) in Intelligent Oil and Gas Field Construction

  • Research and Development of High Temperature and High Pressure Deep Sensors and Chips

Enterprise Operation and Management for Digitalization and Intelligentizing

  • System Reform of Oil and Gas Companies

  • Change Transformation with Renewing Organization Rules and Regulations

  • Fit the Deployments of Oil and Gas Company to Accommodate Digital and Intelligent development

  • New Database Development and Usage Value

  • Green Data Center Creation and Operation

  • Data Integration and Sharing of Information Resource

  • Integration Technology of Exploration, Development and Decision-making (Synthetic application of neural network and AI)

  • Business Dynamic Simulation (Digital self-healing, crowd-sourcing technology)

  • Integration Operation and Benefits Management

  • Collaborative Work Environment

  • Standardization

  • Cyber Security

Portfolio Techniques and Effects:

  • Context Technology for Oil-field and Gas-field with Implement in the Scene Era

  • The Theory, Principle and Product of ‘Big data, IOT, Cloud Computing and Mobile Internet’ Portfolio Technology

  • The Portfolio Technology Application of ‘ Big data, IOT, Cloud Computing and Mobile Internet’ in Oil and Gas Field with Case Analysis

  • The Portfolio Technology Tendency of Big data, IOT, Cloud Computing and Mobile Internet’

  • Technology and Method of ‘Data Driven and Smart Oilfield’

  • 'Block Chain' Oilfield Data Technology and Implementation

  • Opportunities and Challenges of DOF in ‘One Belt one Road’ International Cooperation

  • Low-cost Running and Intelligent Oilfield Construction with Digitalization Conditional

  • Assets Operation Management and Integration in Internet+ Environment

  • Data Science and Comprehensive Applications

  • Intelligent System, Equipment and Communication Technology

  • Integration of IT Application and Industrialization for informatization Construction of Oil-field and Gas-field Asset

  • Information Security and Industrial Control Information Security Enabling the Construction of Intelligent Oilfield

  • Current Management Models for Petroleum Company’s Asset

  • Categorization of Data and Information Flow Chart Based on Petroleum Asset Management Model

  • The Utilization Degree Research of Advanced Technology Combined with Current Situation of Oilfield

  • Investment Direction and Return of Informatization Construction under Current Economic Environment of Low Price and Low Cost of Crude Oil

Subsistence of DITC (Data and Information Technology Company):

  • Advantages and Deficiencies of International Technology and Product

  • Risk Investigation of Imported Technology and Product from Other Countries Applied in Oilfield and Gas-field

  • Key Technology and Construction Focus of DOF and Intelligent Oilfield

  • Sustainable Development Research on DITC

  • National Brand Technology and Product in Oil-field and Gas-field

  • Fill the Blank for High-end and Key Technology

  • Industry Cluster for ‘One Belt One Road’ International Cooperation

  • Brand Technology and Product for ‘One Belt One Road’ International Cooperation

  • Craftsman’s Spirit and Products

Intelligent Manufacture for Wisdom Oil-field and Gas-field:

  • Smart Robotic Developing and Applying Functions

  • Research, Development, Manufacturing and Effectiveness of Beidou Satellite and UAV

  • Intelligent Instruments, Equipment and Device

  • Intelligent Platform and Soft-Bodied Robots

  • Develop and Manufacture for Wisdom Brain of Oil-field and Gas-field

and others.