Dear Industry Colleague,

"Let data speak, make oilfield intelligent" themed for The Fifth Digital Oilfield Summit Forum & International Academic conference which is biennial and an China academic flagship in the area of digitalization and intelligentization for oil and gas assets. The conference and technical exhibition will be held on 16-17th October, 2017 in Qingdao, China. The registration is now open for DOSFIAC 2017 as for speakers, participators, sponsors and exhibitors!


The conference program as fellows:

1. Opening ceremony;

2. Launching ceremony for monograph entitled Oilfield Data Science of Digital Oilfield in China series book;

3. Leaders and delegates visit exhibition zone (two full days);

4. Themed forum and keynote speech;

5. Panel session speech, one of oilfield session sponsored by SINOPEC Shengli Oilfield to gather the new theory, new method, new technology, new application for truly digital and intelligent oilfield construction and development based on digitalized conditions, one of education session sponsored by China University of Petroleum (East China) to discuss education how to prepare and cultivate talents for big data era;

6. Plenary session for technolgies, solutions and applications;

7. Awards ceremony for outstanding paper winners;

8. Training course or workshop is arranged on 15th October;

9. Addtional one day 18th October for observation and investigation of best practise Layout standardization,construction modularization, procurement large-scale, and promotion informatizationin SINOPEC Shengli Oilfield.


The conference is looking for presentation submission for any of the following topics:

1. The road-map of " Development efficiency transformation from Exploration efficiency;

2. The innovation technology for next general of digitalization and intelligentization;

3. Low cost technology, method or solution;

4. Individuation management technology for single well in oilfields;

5. Miniaturization and accurate intelligent;

6. The advanced technologies and methods for the concept of “Let data to speak, make oilfield to be intelligentized";

7. Cloud technology, model and fundamentals;

8. Data governance, data service;

9. Big data application and integration of exploration and development, integrated operation model and intelligent operation technology;

10. Digital twin modeling;

11. Block chain technology and purpose;

12. Petroleum Scene Era technology and purpose;

13. The opportunities and challenges for the strategy of “One belt one road”; 

14. New discipline education on data science and big data technology;

15. Talent-cultivating on data expert and data scientist;

16. Other relevant to discuss;


Meanwhile, SINOPEC Information management department and Digital Oilfield Institute of Chang’an University launches the joint initiative “ finding truly intelligent oil field and gas field ” in global. These talking content are expected as below:

1. Luliang Oilfield of CNPC Xinjiang Oilfield Company has realized a intelligent oilfield due to automatic monitoring and better system performance;

2. Qingxin oilfield of CNPC Daqing Oilfiled company is an good example of Intellectualization on low cost;

3. CNPC Qinghai Oilfield characteristics of standardization, green and alleviated burdens on well site.

4. CNPC Dagang Oilfield has the outstanding feature of intellectualization, metering oil through indicator diagram;

5. Oil Production Plant No.5 of CNPC Changqing Oilfield did the good job on Mobile and intelligent production;

6. SINOPEC Southwest Oilfield sets the model for comprehensive intellectualization;

7. Gudao Oil Production Plant of SINOPEC Shengli Oilfield achieved high efficiency by data normalization and implement of “Layout standardization,construction modularization, procurement large-scale, and promotion informatization”;

8. And other targets from different countries.

60% of international keynote speakersguests and china experts has agreed to presence, China leaders of petroleum companies and professionals waiting for you in Qingdao.

We look forward to receiving your proposal and registration form to DOSFIAC 2017 before 15th of September.


DOSFIAC2017 committee