DOSFIAC call for papers and presentations


Call for papers and Presentations

Dear Colleagues,

The Fifth Digital Oilfield Summit Forum & International Academic Conference will be held scheduled from 19-20th October, 2017 in Qingdao, China and themed big data, accurate intelligent throughout oilfields transformation development on low cost. Now, call for papers and presentations proposal, welcome new theory, new method, new application, new processing, new technology to promote the development of integrated operation, digital and intelligent oilfield.

1. Scope of topics:

Big Data;

Machine Learning;

Artificial intelligence;


SCADA system;

Internet +;

Integration of information technology and industrialization;

Cost reduction and efficiency improvement;

IOT for oil and gas industry;

Could Computing;

Intelligent system, information technology for petroleum assets;

3D Visualization, 3D printing and scene modeling technology;

Smart reservoir technology (accurate exploration, development and production)

New business operation and management model;

Information flowchart and data flow diagram for different professionals (disciplines);

Capital investment direction and return in petroleum asset management; Application and matching level of advanced technology with current development of petroleum asset;

Earth Science and Geosciences; Computer Science; Not limited above.

2.   Requirements:

1)      The obligation for author, one person at least attending conference, if not, paper will be rejected.

2)      Manuscript has not yet published and follow the rules with originality, innovation and novelty, duplicate submission is prohibit.

3)      Abstract included destination, method, result and conclusion, all of these are necessary, max 300 words.

4)      Submission accompanied by author’s CV , corresponding author with detail contact information, such as name, affiliation, job position, e-mail, mobile, address and research area.

5)      Full paper prepare with guideline, and auto-format the template of DOSFIAC2017 full paper strictly, download from DOSFIAC homepage http://dosfiac.chd.edu.cn.

6) Deadline of abstract submission: End of April, 2017, Deadline of full paper submission: End of May, 2017.

3.   Publication:

Proceedings of 5th Digital Oilfield Summit Forum & International Academic Conference consist of approved papers checked by peer-review with double blind, will be published by famous publishing which is one source of EI compendex, SCI journal, and also access to databases, digital libraries.

4.   Presentation

DOSFIAC technical committee carry out the comprehensive evaluation on proposal and give the result to authors for presentation opportunity, it is possible to make presentation in plenary keynote speech, panel session or Eposter.

5.   Submission

Support to submit abstract and full paper online enter into DOSFIAC homepage. Any question, please send paper and presentation abstract submission form directly to shuziyoutian@doicu.com.

6.   Funding assistance

For cash-strapped students, committee set 5 free delegates to supply funding assistance for this china travel.

7.   Contact us

Tracy Lee

Tel.: 86-29-82339297

E-mail: shuziyoutian@doicu.com

Organization committee

The Fifth Digital Oilfield Summit Forum & International Academic Conference

Date: Jan. 11th, 2017

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