Significance and Value of DOFIAC 2017 in October of 2017

2017 The Fifth Digital Oilfield International Academic Conference ---5TH DOFIAC, A flagship conference of intelligent and digital oilfield in China, not only building a platform for industrial insider, but also gathering the solution for the construction and  development for digitalization and informatization in oil and gas fields. This is a biennial convention, setting one oil field company as target, the conference venue is near to the location of this oilfield, one panel session is around the target’s difficulties to find the best ideas, technologies, methods and tools, and then a industry standard is deployed, our mission is solving several problems in every two years.

Over 83 papers we edited into the proceedings of The Fifth Digital Oil Field International Academic Conference, most part research results are valuable for citation. More than 200 delegates attended the on-site communication.

DOFIAC themed data driven, smart oilfield. Three actions we took, which consist of looking for the true intelligent oilfield, looking for the instruction model of big data and data science, and also looking for the national technology of big data, intelligent & digitalization to support China “one belt one road”initiative. Learned more through 58 presentations in agenda, rich content, massive academic. Intelligent oilfield panel session is insiders focus with good examples of DOF and intelligent oilfield, data science education is innovation with new instruction models from different universities.

The finally, we would like to give the communication results by below three verdicts:

First, Intelligent oilfield is future trend of oil and gas field, which upgrade the oilfield digitalization construction. Without a solid foundation, there is no good intelligent oil field.

Second, China intelligent oilfield construction 1.0 is reached, at present, many oilfield company is implementing the pilot projects or experimental constructions for intelligent oil and gas field, or to say looking for the way to realize the intelligent oilfield layout, integrity and systematic, is ready to walk into IOF 2.0.

Third, as a matter of fact, the construction of intelligent oilfield is still on the way, we draw the picture for it today, the oilfield company have a smart brain, the wisdom brain is unmanned oilfield on the low cost, intelligent control, mobile negotiation and ascending happiness of staffs, the new model of oilfield data intelligent is shaped by the technology applied and melted in business as the spirit, such as big data, IOT, cloud, mobile, block chain and AI.

Joint-declaration of Qingdao is one confession DOFIAC2017 committee gave each delegates, we think everyone have theirs own judgement, exchanging is not interrupted with the development of virtual conference, all kinds of channel we can communicate with each other.

See you again.

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